Bubba the Redneck Werewolf is an independent staple, and Creature Entertainment is proud to bring him out in this  issue!

The regular series will be coming soon, but for now you can get this issue and it comes in THREE variant covers! 

This time Bubba has gone to the most dangerous place  a man can go to: A COMIC CON! But after some accident concerning certain Comic Book Panels,  (not his fault) Space Satellites (not his fault) and Cosplayers (kinda his fault) soon it becomes a Zombie Crawl but this time with real ZOMBIES!

Creator and Writer: Mitch Hyman

Interior Artist: Roberto Torres

Cover Artist: Patrick Reilly

Colorist: Amanda Raquel

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New issue coming in fall 2017!

I created the Bubba comic character on Halloween night, 1995.  To me, this is his true birth year. Bubba was later officially published in 1996. There seems to be a lot of confusion as to which Bubba is the true first issue. I hope this list helps take out some of the confusion and establish a Bubba bible/bibliography for new and longtime fans.

And as I’ve said and written before, when the 911 operator hangs up on you at 4 am angry or laughing due to your phone call concerning invaders from space who have now landed in the neighbor’s cow pasture after they’ve just raised the dead from your town’s cemetery and are heading for your front door, then Bubba is your next call. And he WILL show up, as long as you have enough beer and he’s been sitting at home bored from watching reruns of ‘Top Gear’ and ‘The Munster’s’ on cable.There are TWO comic book origins to Bubba. One very dark, and the other began the adventures of the more comedic Bubba.

                Bound in Darkness #1

Art by: Michael Broom.   Broom is now the story board artist and character designer

for TV and Films like, "Walking Dead", MTV's Teen Wolf, Wolverine; Origins, Star Trek; Into the Darkness, The Orville and much more!

Fan Powered issue. Fans from all over contributed to this one. Features Rob Guillory cover and interior work. 

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