The Bubba Story...

​Yep! Bubba is now almost legal.  He will be 21 in October of 2017.

Well, he always was legal, but now we can raise a beer in his honor officially! And, he can afford to pay his own damn bar tab now too!

When I first conceived of the Bubba concept for a comic book in 1995, saw him first published in 1996 in CFD comics “Bound in Darkness”, and then the more comedic version in my company “Brass Ball Comics”, I never thought the roller coaster ride that followed would lead me and all of us here.

The first Bubba was drawn by my good friend Michael Broom. I am so damn proud of where he went after Bubba.  Check out Michael’s IMDB and you’ll see why.

But today, I want to thank so many of you out there for supporting and showing love for my lycanthropic child over the last 21 years.  I created him originally as a dangerous outsider who was taking his vengeance on those who had wronged him in the first incarnation.

Later, I thought of the humor that being a denizen of the Southern US and especially Florida --A place where life is unlike anywhere else and truly in so many positive ways, no matter what you hear or read.  So, keeping with that, I went to the humor of all those I knew and grew up with. Here in FL  most of us truly accept all others in our laid back way.  We withstood terrorist attacks, hurricanes, and just being the butt of the world's  jokes  by being family. Down here, we have sunshine and smiles for those who call this place home.  The art chores went to artists like, Brian Graham, Shawn Surface, and a host of others, including a couple of folks who now do some of the best known and award winning comics around.

The film is another incarnation as well.

It is also about acceptance as all of you who have seen the film know. Bubba was the town loser, like the comics versions, who later became the hometown hero.

The first Bubba film attempt did not work out. It’s a long story, but that is for another day. 

Since I had worked in film and television previously as a writer, floor director, stage hand and makeup tech, I needed to know the producers end of things. So, I learned all I could.

 I had written a Bubba film, but what I envisioned would take millions of dollars I did not have. so, opted for doing  a screwball comedy with a smaller cast and fewer locations. I enjoyed writing the material for my Satan character and ad-libbed most of it. I was now in my world of Cracker County and could finally  hang out with my creations for real!

First, I formed my production company, Two Rubbing Nickels LLC. I called it this because I swore if I ever had two nickels to rub together, I’d make this crazy movie. and I did!

My close friend, Michael Davy came on board to design and train my make-up FX team. Mike, interestingly to note, is the great-great-great grand nephew of Sir Humphrey Davy. Mike Davy is also the protégé’ of one of film’s most famous makeup artist’s, the legendary, Dick Smith.

So, now we needed one more thing. Bubba!

I had always striven to find new talent and like my idols, Mel Brooks and George Lucas. I wanted to discover not “recover” talent. One day at a horror convention I am beyond fond of “Spooky Empire”, I was talking to one of the security leads, Fred Lass. He was a good acquaintance, and now these days one of my great buddies. Hey, you go through a “war” together and you can’t help but bond!

As I stood there taking to him about the film idea, he said, he always wanted to try acting. I realized that Fred had charisma, a good voice, and was very good looking guy with a “Lon Chaney Jr.” size body that would be great for the role   So, I covered him in silicone and fur! Best decision ever! Mike Davy even made his fangs fit so well so that he could emote, speak, and grin perfectly. We only had to ADR (Audio Digital Record) one line in the film of his. The rest you hear is all Fred as he was on set.

We  got a mix of actors who were just “naturals” and mixed these with well experienced local stage actors. The stage folks were great as they coached and taught the others to get their characters down to a note. Yes, it was tough and we could only film a few days a  No matter…The race was on!

Well, we did a  preview of the film at Orlando, FL  “Spooky Empire Inc.” show in October 2014 to over 700 happy and applauding folks! It took another few years of negotiations and consternation to get it to all of you in wide release  and it was worth the wait. Well, at least I think so, but if y’all don’t agree keep your Walmart receipts. LOL! Right now  Bubba is  rocking  Hulu making its most popular list and has just hit Europe!  We are on our way to becoming the world's favorite redneck werewolf!

Today, Bubba is enjoying worldwide fame and my company, Two Rubbing Nickels, is working on more films.  Some horror, some comedy and some  based on the human condition. Again, like Mel Brooks, I want to do a Blazing Saddles and then able to do an "Elephant Man' as well.

As for another Bubba?  I am writing the script  now as your read this.  I am taking the reigns this time as I have spent over 20 years writing his adventures and know him better than anyone. Bubba has proven himself now . So ,I have been getting inquiries as to a second film. I can do it totally independently, but I hope  to get a major studio involved and show that Indies and the established system can be beneficial partners.  Since I own the trademark and copyright plus merchandising rights exclusively, I invite any of these inquiries to please only be sent to me here at the email address provided on this site. Thanks!

Again, thank y’all so much!  But before I run off for some BBQ and brews, just know this. If you have a dream and you just know in your heart of hearts it can entertain more than your Grandma at Thanksgiving, do it!

 And time is the most valuable thing you have. Don’t waste any of it! I hope to see a few of you at the movies or comic shows. Be well and howl always!

                            Take care and be well!

                           Mitch Hyman

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A lot has been happening and this article (May 2017) by the well known Horror Fuel website  will catch you up on what is going on and what is about to happen!  

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Bubba works with many charities especially concerning children and animals. ​Remember folks, whether your political or personal preferences or you agree or disagree, it is all about helping others and Bubba does not discriminate in any way and  that  is him truly being the All American Hero!

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